Types of Condoms

Condoms truly are 414ALL. They come in different styles, textures, colors, lengths, widths, and thicknesses, so everyone can find something they like.

Different brands and styles fit and feel different–this can affect your sexual experience. Try different brands, sizes, and styles on your own or with your partner to find what works for you. To find the right size, place an empty toilet paper roll over an erect penis. If it is too tight, you need extra-large condoms. If it is too big, you need smaller condoms. If it fits comfortably, use regular condoms.

When choosing a condom remember:

  • If condoms are too tight, they can break.
  • If condoms are too loose, they can slip off or break because of the extra friction.
  • Brand names aren’t everything. Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing so that people will have a favorable opinion about their brand without ever trying it.
  • Packaging does not tell you how it will fit and feel. Just because the packaging looks good does not mean the condom will be the right for you. Try many different kinds.

Latex Condoms
Latex condoms are the most widely available and among the least expensive condoms. Latex is a natural rubber found in certain trees. Wearable (male condoms) are usually made of latex. Be careful–latex can be damaged by oil-based lubes, so avoid oil-based lubrication like baby oil, Vaseline, or body lotion with latex condoms.

Specialty Condoms
There are many types of specialty condoms, including glow-in-the-dark, textured, flavored, and pleasure shaped. Not all specialty condoms are actually safe for preventing STIs and pregnancy–always check the packaging to make sure condoms are FDA approved. The package will have language about STI and HIV prevention. If it doesn’t, choose a different condom.

Non-latex condoms are a great choice for people with latex allergies. Some people prefer them because they feel different from latex condoms. There are many different varieties of non-latex condoms. Learn more about non-latex condoms.

Insertable (Female) Condoms
Insertable condoms, also called female condoms or FC2, are an alternative to the wearable or male condom. The insertable condom acts as a barrier to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STIs, including HIV. These condoms are non-latex and are made from nitrile. They can be worn inside the vagina or anus.

Learn how to use insertable condoms by watching the following video:

Via Planned Parenthood Health