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Become a Community Health Promoter

What is a Community Health Promoter?

Community Health Promoters are community members between the ages of 15 & 24 who want to take an active role within their community by modeling healthy behavior and behavior that is consistent with the goal of STI and teen pregnancy prevention. Community Health Promoters are seen as leaders among their friends and associates.

Who can be a Community Health Promoter?

  • A person of influence within a community; ages 15-24
  • Someone who is committed to making a difference
  • Someone who is willing to learn about safe sex and share what they are learning with others
  • A teen or young adult willing to talk about difficult subjects like sex and condoms with others

Why do we use Community Health Promoters?
Community Health Promoters are the backbone of 414ALL. Their job is to get the word out to friends and other young people about safe sex and condoms. Our goal is to encourage young people to use condoms if they choose to have sex. These conversations are more comfortable when coming from friends and peers.

Community Health Promoters are paid a stipend to offset the cost of travel and time spent while in training and meetings. The stipend is paid for the following activities:

  • Attending orientation or other general training sessions
  • Attending team meetings
  • Collecting follow up surveys
  • Completing distribution tracking log
  • Participating in weekly check in

Complete the Community Health Promoter application online

Download a Community Health Promoter application

Become a Condom Distribution Site

Do you work for an agency that has contact with young people, ages 15-24? Are you interested in providing them with the tools they need to make safe choices about their sexual health?

Then we got you covered! Sign up to become a distribution site where young people can get free condoms.

Host a Condom Packing Party

Help us get Milwaukee Covered! 414ALL distributes condoms in a kit (rather than loose) to make sure that people get educational information as well as condoms and lube. We need your support with creating these packs.

Why should I host a packing event?
It is a great way to start conversations about protecting ourselves and our community. Condom packing is easy, fun, and a great way to build teams and to learn about safer sex and STIs.

What does a packing event look like?
A condom packing event can be its own social or educational event or it can be part of a larger event. Condom packing parties can be for young people or a mix of ages; they can involve staff, volunteers, or participants/clients. Condom packing does not have to be a formal event. It can be done during or after meetings, during breaks, as part of other events or programs, or before or after work or school.

Where can condom packing parties happen?
Condom packing parties can can happen anywhere that there are people to help pack the condoms and space for the packing materials.

Interested in hosting a packing party?
Please fill out this form, and we’ll get in touch with you to follow up.

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Invite 414ALL to an Event

Are you organizing a resource fair, block party, or other event for young people? Are you interested in providing them with the tools they need to make safe choices about their sexual health?

Then we got you covered! Contact us to attend your next event.

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Voice Your Support!

414ALL believes that condoms are for everyone. Condoms are a way to keep our community safe and healthy. If you agree, we want to hear from you!

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